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books (fiction and non-fiction)

journal articles

academic essays and dissertations

personal websites

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CVs and covering letters


First-time novelist? PhD candidate? Blogger?

Applying for your dream job?

I've been in your shoes ...

I’ve written my fair share of CVs and application forms. I’ve put my heart and soul into numerous academic essays. And I’m a writer myself.

I understand that what you write is so much more than the sum of its parts: it represents you.

and in 'theirs'

I've selected candidates for interview. I've read new play scripts for my own theatre company. I'm an inveterate reader of book, theatre and film blogs.


I know the impact that simple spelling and grammatical errors, irregularities in technical layout, and an inconsistent or inappropriate tone of voice can have on your reader.

I can help you make the right impression

I'll put myself in your reader's shoes to help your voice hit home.


When suggesting changes to your work, I will respect your voice at all times. Whether you're writing an informal blog or an academic paper, a CV or a first novel, I'll adapt my approach to suit your needs.



All the changes I make will be clearly tracked. You retain full control over which changes to accept and which to reject.


Not sure which changes to keep? I'll send you a style sheet with every finished job explaining the reasons for my changes, helping you to make an informed decision.