My standard hourly rate is £25. However, if a flat fee for the job suits you better, just let me know.

I use the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading's suggested minimum rates as guidance when setting fees.

Need it quickly?

I'm happy to consider evening/weekend work if you need a fast turnaround.


I accept payment by cheque and bank transfer.

What I will need from you

A brief description of the job (e.g. crime novel, CV/covering letter)

Format: Microsoft Word, PDF or paper

Word count

Your preferred or required deadline for completion

Your style guide, if you have one

​For large documents

A representative sample of at least 2,000 words, preferably from the middle of the document

For students

Your educational institution's Proofreading Policy and/or your tutor's written consent for you to use my services